What is your style, do you work alone?

I love photographing with natural light and taking candid pictures. I like my images to show emotion and document the moment as it happens. I pay most attention to composition and light. I don't direct people how to pose or stand, unless I am taking family or group shots. People say they feel very comfortable and relaxed around me and at the end of the day, this is the most important thing on your wedding day.

I am photographing most of the weddings alone, except from the weddings that the guests are more than hundred people. In those cases I have with me a second professional and talented photographer.

Which areas do you cover?

I am based in Greece and UK, but I also cover weddings all over the world. Please contact me for more information about destination weddings.

What does professional editing mean, do you retouch the images?

After an event, I have taken thousands of pictures which I need to edit down, select the best ones and create a visual story. This is the most important part! After the selection, I colour correct them where needed and I use a special, film-like filter in a fewer selection of images that will also be used in the online gallery. I don't usually retouch the pictures unless there is an image or two that needs it. This process takes few weeks.

When do we receive the final images and what do we receive?

As a basic package, four to nine weeks after the event you will receive:
- 1,000-1,500 high resolution edited images
- Five prints 10x15cm
- A wooden box, together with a USB stick
- Online gallery with a smaller selection of images (around 200) that you can share with friends and family and you can download any image for free


Send me an e-mail in the contact page to say hello and request information about the pricing. Please send me the date of your special day, location and number of people you will be expecting at your wedding. Also please mention if you have any special requests or if you are interested to book a next-day couple session or a pre-wedding shoot. I will be happy to arrange a Skype call or meet you in person if we are in the same city.

For destinations outside Athens, what do we need to know?

When I photograph a wedding in Greece or internationally, I always need to arrive at the location a day before, to scout the area, check the light, meet the vendors and photograph the place. I need to make sure that everything will be perfect on your wedding day.